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Supervised Visitation

Who We Are:

Triumph Family Services conducts professional supervised child visitations

for non custodial parents at the advisement of a court order.  

Supervised visits are ordered if there is or has been a history of the following:

  • Allegations of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, domestic violence or molestation​

  • The potential that the non-custodial parent will abduct or kidnap the child

  • Allegations of drug abuse or alcoholism​​​

  • ​The concern of mental illness  

  • The parent has been absent from the child’s life for a significant period of time

As Professional Supervised Visitation Monitors it is our responsibility to offer a safe and protected environment to control external influences of stress on the child.

Our Role:

  • ​Maintain confidentiality and neutrality

  • Ensure that the court's directives are followed

  • Monitor safety of all participants at visits

  • Relay relevant information relating to the child's welfare between the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent at the commencement and conclusion of supervised contact

  • Facilitate appropriate visit interaction, if necessary

  • Effectively communicate with program staff on issues related to family dynamics

  • Provide constructive feedback, correction, or redirection to the parties when necessary

  • Testify in formal court hearings, when appropriate

  • Suspend or terminate any visit in which the safety of participants or staff cannot be maintained


       Triumph Family Services follows the proper protocol for the safety of the child and parent.  




Our Responsibility to You:

  • Protect the confidentiality of the child and parent who receive program services to the extent required by law. 

  • To maintain records according to the "Minimum Standards” and protecting location information regarding victims of domestic violence and their children.

  • Refrain from discussing individual cases except in formal court proceedings, with program staff, or pursuant to program policies with lawyers, social services agencies or parties to the case.



Why Choose Us:
Your family's well-being and safety is our concern. Our focus is on improving family relations between the non-custodial parent and child(ren). It is our goal to ensure a safe, trusting and nurturing environment for each child, at all times.


Triumph Family Services encourages non-custodial parent to exercise positive behavior, maintain consistency, and accountability.  Great emphasis is placed on engaging with the child during these visits.  


As Professional Supervised Child Monitors we suggest activities that will help to improve and/or strengthen interpersonal communicating, build trust, create a dialogue and begin to remove some barriers. ​​​​


We are here to administer child visits as authorized by the court, always maintaining

healthy and safe conditions for every child during visitation.

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