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Supervised Visitation

Do you supervise on holidays, evenings and weekends?
Absolutely! We work with your schedule to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with your child (Prices are double the normal rate for certain holidays).


What if I don’t have transportation?
If transportation is needed it will be provided for an additional $10 per hourly rate. Mileage is included, but cannot exceed more than 30 miles one way. (We transport the children only)


What are your hours of operation?
Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, our supervisors are available any day and time that works best with your schedule. We provide visits seven days a week. 


What are your supervisors’ qualifications?
 Our supervisors have all been trained in accordance with SVN’s requirements and guidelines. Our supervisors are effective, caring and specifically trained to ensure a memorable experience with your child. Our supervisors are not licensed counselors, social workers or therapeutic doctors. Our goal is to provide safe and appropriate supervision of your child in accordance with SVN guidelines and any court orders that may be in place.


What makes you different from other providers?

 Other providers often do not provide supervision during evenings, weekends and holidays. We saw a need in the community to have supervisors available at times when parents are not primarily working. We belong to an international organization that provides ongoing training and information for our supervisors. We provide non-emotional, factual reports to both parents after each supervised parenting time session. Our supervisors care that all parties know their child is in a safe, conflict-free environment.

Do you work with the Courts and/or attorneys?
Yes. It is not unusual for an attorney to contact us regarding current court orders or to inquire about our services on behalf of their Client. All of our supervisors have received training in writing reports that are available for a fee after being requested. We are well aware that the Court may have issued specific orders and our supervisors are mindful to obey all current court orders.


Are you affordable?
Absolutely! Please call today for specific pricing as it is determined based upon the services needed and the amount of time involved. You can also inquire through our contact page for immediate info on our services, our monitors and our pricing.

Where does my parenting time take place?

Parenting time takes place anywhere that the parents, referring party and Legacy Family Services believe is appropriate. We offer supervised parenting time in public places and in approved homes. Our goal is for both parents to feel good about where their child is and how their child is being cared for.

How do I get started?
Email us at or call us at 623-455-4158.  We will provide you with all the details you need to know about how to get started. You can also complete the inquiry form found here on our website and email or fax it back to us. 


We look forward to the opportunity to provide a unique,
enjoyable and unparalleled experience for both you and your children.

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