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Triumph Family Services’ programs and services includes Supervised Visitation Services and
Monitored Exchange Services.
We are a nationwide agency and we provide services in all 50 states.  All of our visits are offsite and done in a public location or in the home if the court order has approved that. Visits can take place seven days a week.

Our primary service is to provide the supervision of court ordered parent-child visitation, as well as assisting in the reintroduction of a parent in to a child's life.  There are many situations in family law cases, or other cases affecting the parent-child relationship, when the need arises for a neutral third party to supervise visitation between a parent, or another party, and a child or children.

Reasons for referral include sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of a child, parent alienation syndrome, domestic violence, kidnapping, drugs and alcohol abuse by a parent and mental illness of a parent.  We have a great deal of experience in dealing with family trauma as an organization.


Our Supervised Visitation Service  allows children to reconnect and reestablish parent/child/family relationship in a safe environment. It provides parents with an opportunity to learn and practice new concepts of parenting and to assess their own ability to parent through interaction with the child. Furthermore, supervised visitation allows DCS/Probation/Courts to assess the relationship between the child and parent and to assist the parent in strengthening and developing their parenting skills.

Our Monitored Exchange Program supports non-violence and the strengthening of families by offering parents the ability to participate in a safe, conflict free exchange.  These monitored exchanges occur when parents are not able to facilitate the exchange of the child(ren) without further complicating an already highly emotional and difficult situation.  A monitored exchange helps to remove some of the stress of transferring children between parents during and after a divorce by engaging a third party in the exchange process, hopefully, eliminating the usual contact between the individuals who are emotionally vested in the children.  We realize that exchanges can be difficult at times, therefore, we ask that you discuss your concerns with the Executive Director or the Exchange Monitor prior to the initial exchange occurring.

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